#SafeHandFish A Japanese staple for carrying soy sauce,
this cute container will now be used to disinfect any desired area!


Due to COVID-19, antibacterial sanitizers are impossible to find. Even though the antibacterial sanitizer liquid itself might not be out of stock, the containers are. In this time of hardship, companies and buisineses all over are beng heavily affected. We want to take this oppertunity to not only support them in their time of need, but to protect you and your loved ones in the process. We have been given a great oppertunity to utililze the extra containers that could not be used for bento boxes due to the production coming to a stop. Following a creative brief by the United Nations, we decided to do our part to contribute to the personal hygiene of our community.

Japanese soy sauce containers come in the shape of a fish and usually have red caps. We changed the caps to blue, a symbol of cleanliness and the color of the UN. #SafeHandFish will be provided free of charge to restaurants and delivery businesses that are in high demand due to the increasing #StayHome encouragement. Please purchase Cleanse EX from the product site which will be sold in larger seasoning containers. Larger amounts of CLEANS EX can be purchased online.


How to use

Before eating, please quickly sterilize the areas that concern you. One #SafeHandFish is large enough to disinfect the area in which you will be enjoying your meal.

Evidence of
# SafeHandFish

Completely natural antibacterial disinfecting agent made by mixing purified water with grapefruit seed extract. It neutralizes viruses, bacteria and mold. Currently, we are not able to test its efficacy against COVID-19. Nevertheless, it has been tested against the flu and other types of coronavirus. Please see below for the results of these tests.

*This product is not intended to be used on the human body.
*This product is not edible.

Scrolling right will take you to our statistic table to further inform you about the product

Virus-A removal quantitative test Test results Testing organization
Virus-A Removes 99.9% within 30 seconds "Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Laboratory of Veterinary Hygene"
Virus removal quantitative test Test results Testing organization
MDCK cells"
Removes 99.9% within 5 minutes "Kitasato University School of Medicine
Institute of Clinical Microbiology"
MIC(Minimum Inhibitory Concentration)measurement MIC Testing organization
Bacteria "Kitasato University School of Medicine
Institute of Clinical Microbiology"
Bacteria-A <0.38
Bacteria-D 0.3
【Fungus / Mold-A】
Fungus / Mold-A 0.75
Fungus / Mold-B 1.5
Fungus / Mold-C 0.75
Antibacterial Test Test success determination Antibacterial activity value Testing organization
"Bacterial fluid absorption method (quantitative test)
Test bacterium (E. coli)"
(JIS antibacterial effect) [A]≧2.0 Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center
Product certification mark SEK Antibacterial and deodorant processing [A]≧2.2
Antibacterial processing (general purpose) [A] ≧ proliferation value [F]
Antibacterial processing (specific use) [A] ≧ proliferation value [F]
The liquid inside, CLEANS EX, is listed as a miscellaneous good. It is not a drug, nor a quasi-drug. Under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act, miscellaneous goods are not allowed to specify virus or bacteria names. We refrain from usage specifications such as ""To be used on the fingers"" or on other parts of the body.
*This product does not cause skin irritations, but please refrain from using it directly on the skin/human body. We refrain from usage specifications such as ""To be used on the fingers"" or on other parts of the body.
* This product is not a food product, but it is considered as a food/food additive agent under the Food Sanitation Law, so it can be used with confidence.
* First Aid
Inhalation: No problem
Skin contact: Basically, there is no problem, but if there is any change in appearance or pain, please consult a doctor.
Eye contact: Immediately flush with plenty of clean running water for at least 15 minutes.
If swallowed: No problem
(Skin corrosion / irritation) non-irritant

(For overseas residents living in Japan)
This product is classified as ""plastic container"", and it can be recycled as plastic, or as burnable garbage. Rinse carefully before disposal so that no contents are left behind, and place it in a transparent or semitransparent bag, separated from garbages that are not plastic containers/packaging. With proper separation, we can recycle resources and reduce CO2 emissions. We appreciate your cooperation.